Packinglist for medicaments on tour...
(based on information for emmigrants and workers in foreign countries issued by the
 german Bundesverwaltungsamt in Cologne, 1996.)
Sicknesses Medicament
(german nominification)
Infection of the eyes Nebacetin® drops or 
Diarrhoea Carbon (medical) or
Diet more important than medicaments 
Vomiting Torecan® Bad influence on reaction!
Fever, influenza, head-, tooth-, and earaches Thermometer
Aspirin Junior® 
Stomachaches Solugastril®  
Loss of salt Elotrans® To assure the "waterbudget"
it is recommended to take in hot seasons per day/person
4-5 liters water
Sunburn Suncream Protectionfactor!
Insects Autan®  
sleeping pills contact your doctor  
Desinfection Betaisodona®  
Antibiotika   only by doctor
Fungusinfection Canesten®  
Infection of eares and 
nasal mucous membrane 
Otriven® Not for longer time and not for children
For bandaging Pincers, bandages,
Well equiped first-aid-kit as a base!
Injections Single-use injectors This might be a problem in the south even when visting doctors
Hyperthermia Emergencyblanket
Medical  Know How First-Aid-Handbook to be read before the trip