Possible sicknesses while traveling
Danger/risk What to do
Loss of salt/water

In heat and dryness

eat well salted food, drink min. 4-5 Liters of mineral water per day

wear light clothing

Sunstroke Always wear something on your head, a baseball cap for example.
Sunburn Cover sensitive bodyparts,


diarrh(o)ea don't eat spicy food,wash veggies, and fruits, don't drink tabwater
Insectbites never camp in oasies, or in any other wet surroundings
Scorpions You find them in wet sourroundings, under rocks, and bushes.Before dressing, shake your clothing so you don't get stung while dressing.Getting stung is very painful and is mostly only dangerous for children
Snakes: In the north are mostly only apoisonous snakes, but in the south, there are poisonous vipers, and other poisonous snakes, but we never had contact with them. If you get bitten:

loosen your binding every 20 minutes so that blood can enter the bitten body part.

Imidiatley go to a doctor. Identify the snake! If possible, kill the snake and take it with you.

Wormsickness caused by sweetwater snails No bathing in still waters!!!!!