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Kids & deserttrips
Most of you might be thinking if your kids are big enough for a desert trip.Here are some points that we found out should be regarded.

Todlers, and kids under 5 years should not be taken on such a trip. The hygenic situation cannot be maintained for long trips. A kid should be able to walk, speak, and most of all understand what is going on around him/her . 

You probalbly already know that kids don't like long, long car driving, and sitting in the car for a very long period of time.So you should plan breaks every few hours for them to dig, just stretch out, or do urgent business. Going to hotels that have pools is a great pleasure for the kids (and for you too). Campfiremanagement is always the job of the kids on our tours. For example collecting firewood, digging the mould, and stacking up the wood. YOU should light the fire of course. Be careful with splinters. 

With more kids on the trip, they have more fun and almost always have something to do. 

Kids have to be planned in the trip: 

  • Bigger kids can already help digging out a vehicle, or help orientating.
  • Smaller ones can build up the fire site.
  • Everybody should help build up the tents.
Kids should be taught about certain risks and dangers: Be careful with bushes, and piles of rock while digging(scorpions and snakes). Its also o.k if the parents already look at their kids digging site. Always have enough sunblockers. 

Kids sometimes suffer from diarrh(o)ea on the trips. The kids should always wear sunblockers while playing in the sun. See our Medicin page.