What tour possibilities are there?

 In the north of Tunisia, there is almost no sand to really offroad (exept for the beaches). But the south is full of sand and a paradise for offroaders.


Here you find six routes with GPS coordinates.

You want into the restricted area?

The entrance to the military restricted area was opened to the individual tourism, but is limited since the summer of 1998 .But because offroaders illegally crossed the borders in the area, you now have to have a guide.Permissions aren't made by individuals anymore, but by bigger agencies. We always use the hotel SANGHO PRIVILEGE in Tatouine.Print out the permission for the restricted area and fill it out in readable manner (no cursif), send a copy of your passport and vehicle certificate to the  Hotel SANGHO, Monsieur Labidi, Tatouine, in Tunisia 3-4 weeks before.If you are lucky, they can get the permission over night.
The permission costs from 10 to 30 DT.You also get guides over the hotel. With the permission of the Gouvernat Tatouine, you need to go to the  Saharabrigade of the tunisian army in Remada, and pick up the military permission to enter the restricted area.This takes from 20 to 45 minutes.

You should not:

disobey the checkpoints hints
to cross the border on inofficial spots