Money, money, money


The Tunisian dinar is not like the dollar or pound seperated in 100's but in 1000's.  1 Dinar = 1000 Millimes
The Tunisian money is not allowed to be taken out of the country. The Tunisian dinar is mostly : 1 Dinar = 0,65 US $ .
You can change money everywhere in Tunisia. Because the money is not always free for rechanging the money.Credit cards can be used in Big hotels . Because shops don't always have change, you should have enough.
Here are some examples of fixed prizes:
Liter Diesel (fixed) ca. 400 Millimes
Liter Petrol(fixed) ca. 700 Millimes
Bottle of Coke 1,5 liter ca. 600 Millimes
Bottle of water 1,5 liter ca. 400 Millimes
Bottle of wine 0,75 liter (only in northern Tunesia) ca. 4 - 6 Dinar 

Leave of bread (white bread, french manner) ca. 200 Millimes
Beaf 1 Kg ca. 8 - 10 Dinar
Fish 1 Kg ca 10 - 14 Dinar
Potatoes 1 Kg ca 400 Millimes
Tomatoes 1 Kg ca 500 Millimes