What should your team look like?
a chain is just as strong as its weakest part.............

A group tour to Tunisia is no drive-in-a-neat-line-behind-the-other tour.

In Tunisia, the official languages are Arabic, and French.You should have a person in your group who speaks on of these languages.

First Aid:
On the dirt roads, everyboby should know the stuff that s\he has learnedwhile doing the drivers license. Very helpful would be a person like a nurse or a doctor in the team.

Vehicle mechanics:

It is also good to have a vehicle mechanic in the team.But everybody should know how to check oil, water, and such things on their own.


Orientation:  Everybody in the team should know how to handle maps, compasses, and a GPS. Everybody should know where s\he is right now, and where s\he is going.

Not everybody is familiar with the psycological, and physical difficulties. Unseen situations and terrible break-downs can happen anytime. We learned the following on our tours:

Make rules for the:

Who decides over what preparation, especially in hard situations over the following:

1. What is the situation?
What's going on?

2. What is the problem?
What's going to happen? What has to the judged?

3.The making of judgements
What possibilities are there to get a resolution?

4.Judging the alternatives
What are the advantages and disadvantages?

5. Decision making


Who is responsible for what?
Orientation, leading the group,cooking, and so on...

What does the schedule look like? What is to be done?
Building up camp, getting rid of trash, vehicle check, food, briefings

What is organised alone, and what is organised together?
Food and beverages (soda pops, beer, such things)

Hygene in Offroad Groups

Number 1: Always get or give information,
decide if an information is a guess or fact.
Only who gives information can know what's going on,nothing's worse than playing the game "silent mail" in the group

Number 2: Never ask for the cause, ask for the solution

Number 3: Use the different strenghts of your people, and don't let weakness come up.
Those strengths and weaknesses must be known and judged.

Number 4: No Dictatorship, always be with and for the group
Lonley decisions mostly lead to catastrophes,
A decision must be made together to lead to success.