Medical assistance

The medical assistance in Tunisia is the best in north Africa. doctors and hospitals are available in all cities, even in small villages, there are the"Infirmeries". All doctors speak french, and a bit of english,but the aids mostly speak arabic and a little bit of french. In emergencies, small inhabitat areas and even the bases of the Tunisian Army have doctors. The Tunisians have in specific times of the year medical helicopters. (But beware, for they cost a lot!)
Doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals want to be payed in cash (Doctors and hospitals also want to be payed in advance) . The prizes are almost always cheaper as in Europe or the U.S.
For Englishspeaking doctors contact your embassy in Tunis.
You don't have to have injections for Tunisia, but you should have the standard medical check and injections just to be on the safe side, but the Hepatits injections should be made.

a list of standard security measures
a little list for the first aid kit
a little medical dictionary(English-French-Arabic)

Une Pharmacie - Eine Apotheke