Sand, sand, sand

The Offroadclub in Tunisia
Translated by Philipp Löffel

Updated:  October 2001

Offroading in Tunisia - Adventure in the desert

Das Team


Who of you doesn't trust himself to plan a tour in the nearest surroundings? So why not plan a tour in the desert of Tunisia? But beware,such a tour is not to be underestimated and should not be thought to be a trip in the next sandpile.

We could help you with your wish for adventure.

Who are we?

We, the SCORPION TROPHY TEAM©, are now THE "offroad club" in Tunisia with over 42 members from the european community, most of them germans, of advisory groups, embassy members, and other elseworking people. We regularily, we make tours through Tunisia and the logo from the  SCORPION© is known everywhere.

What do we want?

We chase the responsibility to make the way for offroaders to tunisia easier. Tunisia presents itself in the Maghreb region for the good infrastucture,a stabile state of security and a very friendly region for europeans, north/south americans and asians. The country is very familiar with tourism, problems of communication almost never occur. Many different cultural impressions are made.

What do we offer you?
We help you organise your individual- or grouptrip at hand for example:

first tipps and hints for tours and GPS points (GPS means Global Positioning System)
helping search of hotels and guides
hints for the preparation in technical and organisational sight
a short introduction in Tunisian Arabic
We please you to understand, that all this is just possible in a certain frame of time . The more direct your questions are, the better your questions will be answered.

What does that cost you?

Nothing! we finance ourselves from membership fees, and money offers (also from yours). Please understand that we prefer to correspond with e-mail .

This is how we can help you!

In the following hints:

All the papers for immigration!
What do you have to make sure in equipment and vehicles?
What should your crew look like?
Offroad with kids
Money, money, money!
What kind of tour possibilities are there?
Boarder police , customs and entrance in the country
Petrol and water supplie in the south
Medical assistance
First Aid in emergency
Hints for cruising on roads or offroad
Crashcourse in tunesian Arabic

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