Equipment Checklist

Use to pack up Per Person Per vehicle Per
Cloathing light clothing, comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses, hats, toiletries    
Camping Isomat, sleeping bag, cup, dish,knife,fork, spoon    
  tent with special holdings number, and size depending on the size of the group and the time of traveling
  Gas cooker with extra cartouches  
  something to cook in  
  washing dish, brush  
food Meat, sausage, fish conserves, drinks in cans,   coffee, tea, sugar, salt  amount, size depending on the size of the group and the time of traveling
Extra food (from Tunisia) veggies, and fruits of the season, mineralwater in bottles, cookies, baguettes, whole milk  
Mineralwater Bottles @ 1.5 L per head and day 3 bottles
usewater canister 20 L    
Transportboxes for example Zarges®    
Transportsecurities stretchropes in diverse sizes    
Transport fresh food transportable fridge    
mapmaterial - overall map of Tunisia 

- Detailmaps fior example ONC , TPC or IGN

GPS Portable with extra batteries     per Grp min. 2 !
Magnetcompass pocket size    
Sandboards set @ 4 boards, if possible, aluminium  
Sandshovels  Aluminiumblade    
rope to pull cars out of sand minimum lenght 14 - 15 m amount of ropes depending on the road situation
Whinch mobile hook    
Shackle to fix the rope on the vehicle    
compressor, big For quick pumping up of tires after dune passages    
pumps, small for pumping up tires along the road    
Flashlight hand or headlight    
Medipack see checklist"medipack"      
Tools and spareparts See Checklist"vehicle, tools and spareparts"