Checklist car, spareparts and tools
Carcheck What to check? Spareparts to take with? per
per group
Arround the car: lights a set of lightbulb for the car and fuses  
  constant and fixed position of all parts:
lamps, horns, gear,
cow-catcher etc.
a set of srews and nuts, wire  
  situation of wheels second spare tire 
  fix loose cables  
Under the bonnet: fixed position of all things under the bonnet  hose fixation  
  brake fluid      
    grease Batterypoles    
  checking of all fluids Motoroil, brake fliud, Hydraulicoil 
  fixed positions of all parts      
  situation and pressure of the V-belt a set of V-belts  
   sight check of the motor-controle-belt
(under circumstance
  sight check of water and oil      
  cleaning of the exchange air filter spare air filter  
   cleaning or changing of the fuel filter spare fuel filter  
  sight check of the electric generator, and the water pump   
  sightcheck of the hoses      
While standing : functioncheck coupling     
  functioncheck handbrake      
  play of the steerage      
  bumper check take a spare part with you    
Jacked up vehicle:  play of the bearing       
  condition of the brakes      
  condition of the exhaust system      
  condition of the steerage      
  check of the oil gearoil  
  greasing  fatpress, fat  
  fixed position of all the parts under the vehicle      
  play of the cardan shaft      
  does the tank leak? reserve canister 20L
  sight check of the spring      
Test drive: brake check      
  4-wheel drive check      
  the heavy spot of the vehicle      
  security of the load      
Tools: small equipement:
bordtools, jack, board to stabilize the jack in the sand,wrench for tyreexchange, small set of wrenches(openend and ring) and screwdrivers, slip joint pliers or a LEATHERMAN,  Manual of the car, especially for maintenance
  big equipement:
Big set of wrenches, set of torx-wrench, big set of pliers and screwdrivers, chisel,hacksaw, hammers, voltagetester, solderequipement,
set wrenchnuts ratching,
pipe threader, workshoplamp 12 V