Arabic for Survivers
5o words for surviving in Tunisia

This vocabulary is ready to help yo in different situations. Mixed up with a little french you are really maghrebian.- never lived where else than in Tunisia.
That means:
- as response always a smile
- in the souks the best prices
- your partner are convinced that you are really interrested for the people and culture of the country
Greatings "Aslama" Good afternoon
  "Sbachir" Good morning
"Inti Läbäs" How are you?
Presentation "Äna Theo" I´am Theo
Äna Americani I´am American
Äna Brittani I´am Brittish
  "Äna Almani" I´ am German
"Äna min Beckum" I´am from Beckum
Asking for the way "Ouen" Where is...?
  "Tozeur ouen?" Where is Tozeur?
"Banka" Bank
"Wutil" Hotel
"Posta" Post
"Pulis" police
"Pharmacie" pharmacy
"Tebib" doctor
"Taxiphone" telephonecell
In the restaurant "Änanheb" I´would like
  "Artini minfadlek" Please give me
"Käs te" cup of thea
"Kawa" coffee
"Kawa bil helib bil soker" coffee with milk and sugar
"Birra" beer
"Schrab" wine 
"Mä" water
"Kuka" Coke
"har" spicy
"mush har" non spicy
Shopping "Kilu" kilo
  "Rtl" pound
"Tematem" tomatoe
"Filfil" Paprika
"Ham" beef
"Allousch" mutton
"Bakri" veal
"Djäsch" cicken
"khaddäsch" how much does it cost?
"rali barscha" to expensive
Different "lä" no
  "ennam" yes
"shokran" thanks
"midfadlek" please
"sahmachni" excuse me
saying Good-bye "Beslama" good-bye
  "Nariq Taib" have a nice day
Numbers "wachda"  one
  "thnin" two
"thalata" three
"arba" four
"chamsa" five
"setta" six
"saba" seven
"athmania" eight
"tesa" nine
"ashra" ten
In touch with penetrant guys "Imschi midfadlek" please go
  "Lä shokran" no, thank you
"Äna handi" I almost have it 

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