Petrol- and Watersupplie in Tunisia

Frequent questions, here the answers:

Tunisia is under way to get european standarts, at last you can estimate the situation in regarding the modern car parc in the country. But there are certain problems: A study of the Volkswagen Company in importing cars shows that in Tunisia the
standart is Euro 2, in Europe Euro 4 concerning the quality of petrols. There are many stations in Tunisia down to the line NEFTA-DOUZ-REMADA, but below only a few.
In the restricted area there is only occassion in El Borma and Thiaret. It´s necessary to contact the Oilcompany there to get some petrol for higher prices. The station in KsarGhillane is often closed. You have to ask in Douz before leaving to Ksar,
if the station is openend; if not get some fuel in Douz.
Unleaded petrol is excisting in Tunisia, more and more. But I denie to garantie the quality, its better to dispatch the Kat for a trip to Tunisia.

Water for drinking only from bottles. Water for using (cleaning, car etc.) is sufficient in wells in Tunisia. But in southern parts the natural wells content to many minerals. It´s better to get a supplie from the artifical tanks, often supplied with clean water by the army.
Hints for the following points:
El Borma, KsarGhillane, Thiaret, Bordj el Bourgiba, Bordj el Khadra

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